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How It Works

People commute twenty-four hours per day, all over the globe. Locally, in each community, city, province and country. Each person travelling from point A to point B forms a network of transportation city-wide and globally, twenty-four hours, seven days per week. If you knew ALL these travellers personally, you could deliver a document to any ONE person anywhere and by coordinating the place and time of departure with the time of arrival and destination of such persons, it would be possible to easily and quickly give a document or package to someone any place within a community, city or country and it could be delivered to any place on earth within a short time without going through the established courier services.

We do not know these potential Transporters. But, if we had one place where all these Transporters could store their travel details in one big database, you could instantly find one whose itinerary matches the time and place of your document delivery requirement. You could instantly find a Transporter who does not have a daily or weekly route, but has just registered an unplanned trip from a bus terminal or ...

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